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Sprite's Medicine Walk


Notice: Sprite's Medicine Walk is on Hiatus

Sprite's Medicine Walk seems to have always been given the gift of support from out of the blue at the most convenient time. This support indicated to me that no matter how frustrated or tired I might become with the work involved in maintaining Sprite's Medicine Walk that God wanted it to continue to be available to those in need. Recently that magical support hasn't been there, and I feel that it is God's signal to me that it is time to let it go.

Sprite's Medicine Walk was online for many years (1997-2002) and was well known on the net (at least in chat circles) for being one of the best nature palaces around. This is due to the work that was put into maintaining it, and the love that poured out to it's visitors through God's will. Wizards at Sprite's Medicine Walk were counseled to be in prayer before starting work so that they might ask for God's help to find the right words to say each time they chatted with someone in need. I am positive that, through His wisdom and grace, Sprite's Medicine Walk helped quite a few persons. Many times, wizards were able to talk someone down from suicide, or support them through trials, and all of us recognize that it was the work of God that helped this to be so. In that vein, I trust that if Sprite's Medicine Walk is to be open once more God will ensure that the funding, and the opportunity will arise to bring it around again. Until then the work and the concept will wait for the right time and audience.

I would like to extend sincere and heartfelt thanks to those in and out of the Palace Community who supported Sprite's Medicine Walk through it's stay on the net. Without all of you, Sprite's Medicine Walk would not have been as wonderful as it has been, and remains. Further, if anyone who helped with Sprite's Medicine Walk continues to see it's value, please send me a message to that affect. I would gladly give rights to the Medicine Walk to someone who both helped put it together, and has the time, the expertise, and the financial wherewithall necessary to maintain it.

I would also like to remind everyone that I and the other authors & artists who contributed content to Sprite's Medicine Walk still hold our copyrights, and will prosecute anyone who attempts to replicate Sprite's Medicine Walk either in part, or in it's entirety without my express knowlege.

The Sprite's Medicine Walk Yahoo Group will remain intact, and will be available for anyone who needs support, or help with finding medical references.

I will personally remain at least semi-active in the Palace Community, and I can still be reached via email, or ICQ.

Thank you for your interest and patronage!


Connecting to the Medicine Walk

Connecting to Sprite's Medicine Walk is very easy. All you need to do is choose the method by which you want to connect, and then click one of the Go buttons in the right column.

Sunday: 24 hours
Monday: 24 hours
Tuesday: 24 hours
Wednesday: 24 hours
Thursday: 24 hours
Friday: 24 hours
Saturday: 24 hours
Sprite's Medicine Walk provides a friendly and loving environment that is ideal for leaving stress by the wayside. We welcome talk about surviving incest and abuse, religion, spirituality, and other topics. Here you can sit in meadows of flowers and chat with your best friend, or relax on a park bench and enjoy fishing. Take a walk and let the sights and sounds of nature be your guide to serenity and spiritual healing. Come enjoy the beauty of nature, and the conversation!
The House Rules are:
1. Always treat others with respect.
2. No Obscenity, Harassment, Fraud, or General Obnoxiousness.
3. No Obscene, suggestive, nude, harassing, drugs, or contraband avatars.
4. There are lockable rooms for ignoring the above!
March 6, 1996
English, but others are welcome!
I like learning!
G - (General) All ages welcome, NO ADULT CONTENT.
Pre-Download Graphics
Pre-Download Sounds

Problems Connecting?

If you are having problems connecting to Sprite's Medicine Walk, here is a list of things to check:

  1. Check to see if the bottle cap button is red, or green. I use the dynip client to maintain a static address, so my connection is dependent somewhat on whether dynip is up and running, and on whether my ISP is up and running.
  2. If the bottle cap button is green, then dynip connection in your area may be down. Go to my Offical Palace Site Page and try to use the Go buttons from there. The offical page is updated instantly in the event of any problems, and the address there is always correct.
  3. If the bottle cap button is red you can't connect because the Palace is offline. Check the hours listings to see when the Medicine Walk will be online next.
  4. Please notify me via email of any problems you have connecting to the palace. I like to keep on top of any technical problems.